Pond Lining

Over the years we have lined many ponds, pools and water features.

Pond liners come in many different materials.  How do you choose which option is the best for you?

As fitted by Diamond Fibreglass

A charming pond in a deep Olive Green

Easy – you choose fibreglass.  After all you will spend a good deal of time and effort planning and building your pond, creating and establishing a habitat for fish and wild life.  With rubber and PVC pond liners there is always the nagging thought of a possible leak or puncture.

These days flexible liners can be repaired but think of the inconvenience and trouble caused by trying to find the leak and repair it.  

A fibreglass pond liner from Diamond Fibreglass will not leak, will not puncture and will not break down.  When cured it is safe for your fish and native wildlife.

Why choose a fibreglass pond liner?

  • Has no maintenance
  • Has a non porous surface – easy to clean
  • Is non corrosive
  • Is highly durable
  • Has a high flexural strength
  • Is resistant to UV and extreme temperatures
  • Is chemically inert when processed correctly – safe to fish and wildlife
  • Has the resistance and strength to allow the placement of rocks and pots in and on the pond without fear of causing damage
  • When produced as an on-site moulding it allows you to integrate as many features as you like: waterfalls, steps, terraces etc
  • Provides the perfect seal to complex integrated filter systems you may want to install into your pond
  • Unlike flexible pond liners it can be finished in a wide range of colours

This is a long list of pluses.  It can certainly be said that fibreglass is a far superior pond liner and is recommended by experts.

Diamond Fibreglass have two affordable packages.  A two layer 450gsm and 600 gsm process or a premium three layer 450gsm, 600gsm + glass fibre tissue.

As fitted by Diamond Fibreglass
As fitted by Diamond Fibreglass
As fitted by Diamond Fibreglass
As fitted by Diamond Fibreglass
As fitted by Diamond Fibreglass
A few ponds completed by Diamond Fibreglass

We can also help you to build your pond from scratch if do not already have an existing pond so please Contact Diamond Fibreglass for a competitive quote.